Car title loans are an easy and fast way of getting funds quickly. Most lending institutions approve loans based on people’s credit history and their income. However, when it comes to a pink slip loan in Ventura Ca, we use your car as the collateral. You qualify for the loan if your car is worth $2500 or more.

How much can I get when I seek a loan?

Well, it depends on just a couple of factors. The most important factor that we look at is the wholesale value of your car. Your ability to pay back the loan is also taken into account. The loan amount that we can give out varies between $2500 and $50 000. However, the specific amount that each customer can get depends on his/her individual circumstances.

When should the loan be paid back?

There are many monthly pay back options that you can use. Payments are expected to begin in not more than 30 days after funding of the loan.

How soon can will I get my money?

Aztec Car Title Loans is dedicated to giving its clients the loan they need as quickly as possible. All that we need you to do is submit the relevant documents on time. We can give you the capital you need on the same day that you make your application.

What will happens to my car?

Nothing happens to your car. You will still be using it as usual as you service your loan. We will simply be placed as the lien holders on the car’s title until you finish paying back your loan.

Are there limitations on how I can use my car title loan?

You can use your loan on anything you want. We can’t dictate how you are going to use your money once you get it. This car loan is a perfect solution for you when you run into an emergency or when you are in a situation that requires money urgently. Our work is to get you the money you need fast. What you use it for is none of our business.

Should I go for a bank loan instead?

Loans from banks and other financial institutions are by far more invasive than car title loans. If you have a bad credit history, your chance of getting a loan from the traditional institutions is almost zero. Your eligibility for a loan when you come to us is based on the value of your car and your income. You will get the funds you need on the same day once your application has been approved.